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Tell us about your situation and our licensed insolvency practitioners will explain the options available to you. These could reduce debt pressure, save your business or allow you to close it down with minimal difficulty.
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Our goal is to make dealing with business debt as easy as possible.
We are an independent firm specialising in business recovery and insolvency. We believe we have an exceptionally understanding team who empathise with entrepreneurs who have worked hard to develop their business.

When Lucas Johnson was established in 2011, our insolvency practitioners brought with them decades of experience and built the business around a more streamlined approach to make the service easier and more affordable for clients. This has enabled us to help hundreds of business owners in a relatively short amount of time.

Lucas Johnson’s insolvency practitioners are licensed to act on behalf of business owners with financial difficulties. Our firm is accredited by the business turnaround and insolvency associations; ICAEW, TMA and R3.
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