If you are having difficulties paying your business’s debts, there are a number of legal procedures designed to make your life easier which we can help with. Our licensed insolvency practitioners can:

  • Help you reduce or write-off debts
  • Prevent creditors from pursuing you
  • Provide you with independent advice for the best course of action
  • Give confidential expert advice
  • Provide sympathetic and personal approach

The sooner you seek advice, the quicker we can stop debts building up. Remember, we provide advice free of charge and you will speak to licensed insolvency practitioners, not sales people.

Why Choose Lucas Johnson?

Real Value

Everyone refers to their rates as competitive. We mean it. In order to help as many businesses, directors and staff comfortably through insolvency as possible, we use our own efficient methods and keep costs to a minimum. This allows us to keep our fees lower than others while our experience allows us to maintain a high quality of service.


Facing insolvency puts a company’s director(s) under a lot of pressure. It saddens us to hear the personal stories of struggles people have faced but it also gives us a lot of pride when we are able to relieve that pressure from our clients.


With over 40 years combined experience, our licensed Insolvency Practitioners have come across almost every insolvency problem a company can face. This means we know the best ways to help a struggling company deal with its financial issues. When setting up the Lucas Johnson partnership, Nigel and Kevin were able to trim expensive and needless factors that they encountered at other practices in order to pass on savings to their clients. This way of working has proved very popular and resulted in the rapid growth of Lucas Johnson.


Many of our clients are initially worried that they might tell us something which could cause them legal trouble. There is no need to worry. At Lucas Johnson we do not require any identifying information to provide advice, and we never pass on details to any other agency without clear permission.


We aim to explain all the options clearly, and take as many of the difficulties of the process out as we can. Our goal is to take clients through the insolvency process as painlessly as possible.