It is very easy to answer the question “Is my company Insolvent?”

The Insolvency Act lays down a few simple insolvency tests, two of which stand out:

  • Balance sheet test – Are your assets less than your liabilities? If yes, you are insolvent; If no, you are probably not insolvent, however…
  • Cash flow test – Can you pay your debts as they fall due (e.g. PAYE by 19th of the following month)? If yes, you are not cashflow insolvent; If no, you are probably trading insolvently and might have a problem.

If your company is insolvent or you think it might be, do not panic, it may only be a temporary problem and you may trade out of it, however you MUST seek further advice otherwise if it goes under at a much later date, you could find yourself answering some tricky questions and possibly being asked to personally contribute towards the deficiency to creditors.

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