Have you entered into an Interest Rate Swap or other Interest Rate Hedging (capped) Product without it being fully explained to you?

Did you understand how much it could cost you, especially to refinance?

Have you paid a large amount of money just to exit an Interest Rate Hedging Product?

Were you unaware that your claim for mis-selling may be capable of being successful even if it is 30 years old and could even stop you going out of business or going bankrupt?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions YOU MAY HAVE BEEN MIS-SOLD an Interest Rate Swap, Cap, Collar or other  Interest Rate Hedging Product and taking urgent action is essential as the clock may be ticking on your claim. 

The number of mis-sold products is huge, there are currently in excess of 30,000 cases being investigated.

Interest Rate Swaps were sold as a way of protecting a borrower from rising interest rates, but at a time of record low interest rates, many borrowers found themselves paying far more in premium payments than they would have paid in interest if they hadn’t taken the Interest Rate Hedging Products.

Lucas Johnson already act for a wide variety of borrowers (individuals, partnerships, LLP’s and limited companies) who have been mis-sold Interest Rate Swap Products.  

We have saved businesses from closure and individual borrowers from bankruptcy as a result of our direct action as well as securing refunds for others, but some have been too late as the clock is ticking on some claims.  Contacting us immediately is essential to get the ball rolling in examining your possible Interest Rate Swap mis-selling claim and securing any money you may be owed.

Don’t delay, if you think you may have been mis-sold an Interest Rate Swap or other Interest Rate Hedging Product, contact us today on 0161 929 8666 or 0151 236 1924 for your free assessment.