Bailiffs can be the bane of many a business’ life when cashflow is tight.

We are aware of an increasing practice amongst debt collection agents and solicitors of bailiffs being instructed immediately a County Court Judgement (CCJ) is granted.

We were consulted this morning by a company who had a bailiff at the door for a judgement that was granted 5 days ago, the company hadn’t even received the summary of the judgement in the post and were completely taken by surprise. The debt collection agent/solicitors practice was the Thomas Higgins Partnership.

This practice is very quick and can have a crippling effect on a business that is likely to be suffering to be at the point where it has become necessary for a creditor to seek a judgement in any event.

Companies should always be wary when paperwork for a judgement claim arrives on the doorstep and take action promptly. It is clear that allowing judgement to be granted can result in the business being immediately strangled and facing no other option than to close down.

Lucas Johnson can provide immediate help if you are facing financial difficulty, have received a judgement (CCJ) application or are facing the immediate threat of a bailiff being in attendance.

Bailiffs attend either pursuant to a warrant of execution granted via a CCJ or Magistrates Court, levying distress as a common law remedy (e.g. landlord), or on behalf of HMRC. Don’t be frightened if a bailiff does attend, it is very unusual for a bailiff to follow through the action they are threatening – the immediate removal of goods – but their attendance is far from desirable from your perspective given the impact it can have on staff or customers and their perception of what is happening. Contact us immediately if this happens and we will resolve the situation for you.