Our Service

Our goal is to make dealing with business debt as easy as possible.

When you call our helpline, you will be able to speak with a fully licensed Insolvency Practitioner with decades of experience. While every call we receive is unique and the advice we provide will be tailored to your circumstances, you can be sure our Insolvency Practitioners have helped businesses in similar situations and your industry before.

Resolving Debt Problems

Calling Lucas Johnson is the first step to resolving your business debt. After assessing your situation, you will be able to talk with an Insolvency Practitioner with specialist knowledge in your industry and situation. They will explain all of the options available to you. From there you will be able to decide which option would be most suitable for you. The options may include altering the way you run your business to reduce expenses or increase revenue. Even during this first contact, you may began to feel the pressure of financial difficulties starting to lift.

Insolvency Procedures

Other possibilities include procedures to reduce debt, write off debt, close your company, start a new company and/or ensure none of this affects your personal liability. We are often able to help clients start afresh with a new company without the strain of debt pulling them down.

These outcomes can be achieved through our comprehensive range of services which include liquidations, debt arrangements, administrations and more. These can be discussed over the phone or with a free face-to-face consolation.

Who we are

Lucas Johnson was established with the aim of reliving company directors from the burden of debt and helping them bounce back.

We are an independent firm specialising in business recovery and insolvency. We believe we have an exceptionally understanding team who empathise with entrepreneurs who have worked hard to develop a business.

When Lucas Johnson was established in 2011, our Insolvency Practitioners brought with them decades of experience and built the business around a more streamlined approach to make the service easier and more affordable for clients. This has enabled us to have helped hundreds of business owners in a relatively short amount of time.

Fully Licensed and Accredited

The company was founded by Kevin Lucas, a licensed insolvency practitioner and chartered accountant, and Nigel Johnson, but Kevin Lucas left the business in December 2020.

Nigel started working as a trainee accountant for a large regional practice, which offered Insolvency and Recovery services to SMEs. After a few years the senior partner tasked him with driving the Insolvency department forward, which he did successfully for 5 years before deciding to start his own business, which he ran as the senior partner for 20 years. Latterly Nigel became a member of the Turnaround Management Association, demonstrating his commitment to non-insolvency solutions where appropriate.

Decades of experience

Over their careers, there is possibly no industry they have not touched, and having worked on matters from football clubs to local pubs and shops they have also worked with a raft of business sizes. With decades of insolvency experience and backed by a team of case workers, specialists and insolvency practitioners, Lucas Johnson are ready to find a solution for you.