• Discover cost cutting opportunities
  • Renegotiate better deals with suppliers
  • Fee taken as small cut from savings
  • Used by small to FTSE 100 Businesses

Revitalise your business with increased profit margins

Our Value for Money service identifies ways your organisation can reduce costs and maximise efficiency. We aim to locate potential efficiency savings in all areas of your business. Our skilled negotiator and sourcing expert will arrange better terms with your suppliers or find a better alternative, while maintaining your quality standards. This is just one of many ways our Value for Money service can reduce your expenses.

A wealth of experience at all business sizes

Lucas Johnson's Value for Money service offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to identify savings and efficiency gains. The service is offered by Graham Shaw. Graham has worked with everything from small businesses up to some of the country's largest corporations such as National Grid PLC, where he brought about over £25,000,000 in savings.

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No risk - No upfront fee

Experience has shown that most businesses are unaware of significant savings that can be made. We are confident that we can find opportunities to reduce expenses in most businesses. We understand a struggling business will want to avoid risks. For these reasons we offer our Value for Money service with no upfront fees. There will be no risk to your business as our fee is taken as just 15% of the savings we make for you.

Payments can be made over 6 months or in a single payment for a 10% discount. If no savings are made, there will be no fee. After the fee is paid, your company will be able to continue making use of the savings at no cost.

About your Value for Money manager

Creating savings for your business will be the task of Graham Shaw. Graham is an accomplished negotiator with a successful background in achieving multimillion pound savings through the development and implementation of Value for Money (VFM) initiatives and strategies. With a strong business acumen and commercial experience, Graham is able increase the efficiency of organisations in order to help them achieve their financial goals.

How it Works

At your request, Graham will visit you to discuss your procurement process and to gain an understanding of your business. He will need to know your annual expenses, take note of key products and were you purchase from. You will then agree an amount of spend you would like him to target and discuss where you believe savings can be made.

For the following month Graham will enter the market place as a 'mystery shopper' negotiating better rates. Please note, the name of your company will not be mentioned to suppliers. At the end of the month he will compile a report and let you know how much you can save. In most cases when you have the information, you can use it to negotiate down with your current supplier as they will not want to lose your business and if they do, you then have alternative options with the new suppliers that have been sought.

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