Client Testimonials

We know dealing with financial difficulty is a subject that causes some people embarrassment, but like most business, we would like to show you what our customers think of our service. Consequently when asking our previous clients for a testimonial, we protect their identity of our clients and contacts and all testimonials are therefore anonymous.

February 2014

I can’t believe the process was so quick and simple. I thought I would be hung drawn and quartered, but that wasn’t the case.

January 2014

From the very first person I spoke to in the office, you took away the fear I had in dealing with the situation. As this was my first and hopefully only failure, I was frightened what would happen to me and my other businesses, but your support and reassurance was incredible and if I ever know someone in a similar situation I will definitely recommend you to them.

November 2013

You are the 4th Insolvency Practitioners I have spoken to but none of them made it as clear and concise as you did, I am so very grateful for your constructive help.

November 2013

When you recommended a different solution to 2 other Insolvency Practitioners I was a bit sceptical, the odds were clearly against you being right, but after my wife told me to go with what my heart said, I chose you and it turned out you were right.

The one thing I remember you saying that pushed me to go with my heart was that option A was the best for you as the Insolvency Practitioner which is why the others had recommended it, but option B was best for me and it should be option B I took.

November 2013

Kevin and his team are incredibly technically competent. If I ever have a client in a difficult situation I refer them straight to Lucas Johnson.

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