Solicitor Practice Insolvency Advice

Are you looking for insolvency advice for your law firm?  Well look no further.

Lucas Johnson are specialists in the Recovery and Insolvency of law firms, we understand the nuances connected with your profession and we understand the importance of your professional reputation and protection of client interests.

How do we know this?  Because we deal with many law firms at various stages of their financial lives:

  • from putting in place sound financial controls and understanding of the numbers;
  • cashflow management and taking on COFA roles;
  • Fundamental transformation of your business structure through the use of Company, Partnership and Individual Voluntary Arrangements;
  • Right through to conducting orderly wind downs of your practice at the right time through liquidation or Pre-Pack Administrations.

Have a look at more detail here or contact us now on 0161 929 8666 or 0151 236 1924 to either an Insolvency event taking place or for help, guidance and assistance with the Insolvency of your law firm.  We work all over the UK so don’t delay, contact us today

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