Shadow Home Secretary highlights justice is not the priority

The Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, met with a number of Chester based solicitors to discuss the impact of legal aid cuts.

During the meeting she made it very clear that economics takes priority above all else, so where does that leave justice and access to justice? It seems this is not important, which is a very worrying position to be in. Does access to justice only become something the rich can afford and if that’s the case how is that justice – the one with the deepest pockets wins?

Many will say it’s no different now and deep pockets often triumph, but if economics does outweigh all else then the loss making system will not only allow criminals to get away with goodness knows what, but even more solicitors and barristers futures are at significant risk. This is sadly not the news those in the legal profession want to hear and is probably why only a few days ago a survey of just over 100 solicitors revealed that nearly 40% wouldn’t decide to go into the profession if they could go back and have their time again.

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