Insolvency Advisor

Insolvency advisor perfectly placed to give you insolvency advice

We are Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and can act as your insolvency advisor.

Did you know only Licensed Insolvency Practitioners are qualified, licensed, regulated and carry professional indemnity insurance to give Insolvency advice?  Most people don’t, but we do because we are all of those.


As insolvency advisors, we can not only give you insolvency advice, but we can carry out any insolvency process for you and not refer you to a third party.  Therefore whether you own a company, LLP, partnership or otherwise we can advise and hold your hand through any process – liquidation, administration, company voluntary arrangement (CVA), bankruptcy, winding up, etc.


Some of the most important things to you when looking for an insolvency advisor will be confidentiality, support and understanding.  As licensed insolvency advisors we have helped thousands of people in your situation.  Most importantly our directors know what it is like to run a business and deal with the challenges you face, we know you are not simply a number and we will listen to your circumstances and tailor a solution that works for you.


Insolvency Advisor is a widely used term with many unlicensed advisors saying they are experts, as well as other professionals – solicitors and accountants – saying they are Insolvency Advisors, but how do you tell them apart?  Ask them to confirm if they are Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, who they are licensed by and what their license number is.

At Lucas Johnson, we can answer all 3 of those questions to give you the comfort you have approached the right insolvency advisor for you.  We can deal with your liquidation, prepack administration, CVA, IVA, bankruptcy, winding up or anything else you may believe you need.  There are many terms used by many people for insolvency processes, we will help you through this minefield and give you insolvency advice perfect for you.

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