Lovely to hear we would be recommended 1,000 times over

“Bankruptcy [the liquidation of their company] has to be the worst thing that has ever happened to me and my family. The most difficult parts were acknowledging that this was the only option and the aftermath.

In the lead up to the decision, we had experienced a series of poor trading conditions with bills mounting over the winter period, and no hope of being able to turn things around quickly enough.

On the morning we contacted Lucas Johnson after a Google search, my husband was literally suicidal. Everything had come to a head and something had to be done – quickly.

We spoke with Kevin Lucas who was calm, empathetic and offered impartial advice. He clearly explained what options were available to us, the costs involved and the process. He told us that we could in effect cease trading that day which was a massive burden lifted

We rallied around for a couple of days to raise funds from friends and family to pay for the administration. Although it initially seemed a sizeable sum which we didn’t have – it was worth every penny.

Two days later we had the funds in place and the administration of the business was handled by Alison Phillips. She was our point of contact. We made initial contact by phone just to understand the next steps and again, like Kevin, very calm, empathetic and also very knowledgeable. In all this turmoil, it felt like someone was on side and that although there would be inevitably an amount of administration and loose ends to tie up, that there would be light at the end of the tunnel.

Alison also looked after some very difficult phone calls which we just couldn’t face. We had nothing to hide, but trying to say the words to people who had trusted you made us both physically ill. The nights have been restless, nightmares recurring, but day by day, things slowly get better. Alison has been patient and kind throughout the process which we are eternally grateful.

If there is ANYONE reading this who is a similar position, we would recommend 1,000 times over the services of Lucas Johnson, Kevin and Alison. Kevin had mentioned that one alternative was that we could handle the administration ourselves. Thank god we didn’t, every time we think of the amount of suppliers, customers and stakeholders that we would have to deal with makes us shudder. We paid a very small price to move our lives forward and start our next chapter.

Miranda and Richard Hart

8th May 2019

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