Cash and Working Capital Review

Reviewing your cash flow and Working Capital should never be something that you consider as unimportant in your business. But it’s like anything in life, if you don’t know how to do it, it is easier not to!

But don’t underestimate the importance of cash flow management, people say cash is king and it is, it really, really is.

Cash and working capital can dramatically impact your operations and financial results. Managing it effectively is also much cheaper than borrowing finance from elsewhere.

A working capital review by Lucas Johnson can really help where:

  • Your business has a high level of working capital in relation to turnover
  • Cash flow is unnecessarily volatile within each period
  • There are peaks in cash flow or breaches of banking covenants around key payment dates (e.g. rent quarters/wages/tax payments)
  • There are mismatches in creditor and debtor payment terms
  • There is a poor or no short term cash forecasting system
  • Finance resources are tied up with managing cash flow on a daily basis

We will identify areas for improvement, work with you to free up those resources or move you to a more cost effective solution.

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