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Free expert advice for company directors

Our insolvency experts can provide ideas to turn your business around or explain procedures to deal with your debt problems. Seeking advice is perhaps the most important step for a company in dealing with insolvency. You can speak to one of our highly experienced Insolvency Practitioners free of charge to learn all the options available to you.

Solutions to Business Debt

Many business owners do not realise there are a range of procedures which can make dealing with business debt much easier. Lucas Johnson Insolvency Practitioners offer the full range of services from turning your business around and increasing profit levels, to negotiating with creditors to reduce your debt or closing your company down without business debts impacting on your personal possessions and savings.

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40 Years' experience with solving business debt problems

Our Insolvency Practitioners have dealt with businesses of all sizes and in just about every industry you can imagine. This experience helps them identify problems and the best courses of action for most businesses.

Business recover procedures

Just because your company is struggling with debt, it may not mean the end for your company. Lucas Johnson Insolvency Practitioners can help solve cash flow problems, manage or decrease debts, raise capital, cut costs, restructure and more.

Winding up procedures

Closing your company can be difficult, especially if it is in debt, but we have a range of procedures to make the process as painless as possible. Our services include voluntary liquidations, pre-pack administrations and more. We can negotiate with your creditors, help deal with staff wages, HMRC debts and many other factors.

Call our experts to find out how we help your business
Call: 0330 900 2000

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